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Zitate aus dem Valley

3. März 2013

Bevor sie verloren gehen, habe ich mal ein paar gute Zitate aus diversen Gesprächen im Valley aufgeschrieben. Da ich die Zitatgeber nicht einzeln fragen konnte, habe ich die Zitate ohne Quelle aufgeschrieben.


Find a new way to fuck up!

Lets make better mistakes tomorrow!

If you are not mobile first, you are last!

Don’t invent, innovate!

Silicon Valley companies are not tech driven companies, they are driven by consumer need.

University was where the knowledge resides, now knowledge is overall available. Why do we need Universities?

Advertising is within the change from broadcasting to interactivity.

(Social) data is the new oil.

Careers in the valley usually last longer than companies.

Make analytics your core!

I did more mistakes than you did.

Trends are not good!

There are 4 ways to get a monopoly, IP/Patents, Network effects, Economies of scale and Brand. Apple has alle 4.

Small and medium size markets are easier to monopolize.

Capitalism and competition are enemies.

Launch, mesure and see where it is broken!

Fail fast, so you can get out there!

Telcos are dumb pipes.Phone numbers will go away.

Skype and Whatsapp are eating themselves up.

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